15. Apologies

During my ‘political training’ with MFJ/RIL I was subjected to classic cult tactics. Love bombing, progressive isolation, indoctrination, sleep deprivation, loyalty entrapment – first through emotional ties and then legal and financial.

I am taking a break from politics, as I cannot tell yet which things I still believe and why. MFJ/RIL was the first British political group I was properly involved with. They used their position as long-term involved in the British Left to explainRead More »


14. Testimonies from BAMN/RWL & why them and RIL/MFJ are a cult

Movement for Justice’s sister organisastion By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) is also a front for the trotskyist cult.
Revolutionary Internationalist League (RIL) and Revolutionary Workers League (RWL) are sister cults that had set up their respective fronts MFJ and BAMN.

The abusive tactics are pervasive.

Read the testimonies here: https://archive.is/zQGqG

Letter from an RWL member of his experience leaving including being sectionedRead More »

13. The request from the person disclosing abuse in October ’17

The survivor does not wish for anyone to engage in ‘accountability meetings’ on their behalf with RIL members or MFJ. Especially when they are not present in the room. 

The RIL leadership has made it clear where they stand on abuse. Denial, riling up MFJ members against those who left, rumours, smear campaign, vile and brutal messages to MFJ chat group that continued for weeks, silencing, ereasure, manipulation, rejection of any accountability or wrong-doing, continuous weaponising of people’s traumas and identities, attempts to out the person who had disclosed to their estranged abusive family, attempt to drag friends of person who had disclosed to harass them and force contact. Additionaly, RIL member who led the abusive ‘intervention’ in October expressed a wish to ‘punch’ the person who had disclosed, after holding a 7hr meeting on said disclosure, where MFJ members were required to switch their phones off and put them on the table because ‘there is a mole’. Read More »

11. Testimonies about recent disclosure – C.

“11. So the MFJ thing: I have very serious reasons to believe the allegations against its lead members are true. They are a very, very centralized group, led by a few. They are controlling of their image and members (both of these things I have noticed from the start, but refrained from commenting on too much given the work they were doing). That they would end up abusing one of their members in that way is of no surprise Read More »

10. Testimonies about recent disclosure – E.


After everything coming out about MFJ, I am making a short statement about my experience and why I am no longer associated with them.

You can read more details on this site: https://unfollowmfj.wordpress.com and this Twitter account @unfollowMJF.

Trigger warning for brief mentions of abuse, torture, rape and gaslighting.

First of all, I have never imagined I would have to leave MFJ under these circumstances and I’m deeply saddened by all of this mess.Read More »

9. Testimonies about recent disclosure – NC.

From a former member involved this year.

“In solidarity with those who have shared their accounts of MFJ involvement, here is mine….


I became involved in the organising side of MFJ a year ago, trying to organise in Bristol for a Yarl’s Wood demo.

At some point late last year, I was asked to be one of their “young leaders” in Bristol. Among other things, I remember them saying stuff like “Bristol is ready…” or “it’s time for Bristol” which resonates very closely to the blogs that have been published recently. Read More »

8. Testimonies about recent disclosure – N.

From former members who were involved this year.

“With all of the things going around about Movement for Justice at the moment, I wanted to write about my experience of them and what’s happened recently.

There is some discussion of abusive behaviour and gaslighting in the post, and a brief mention of rape.

I’m quite nervous about posting this but I’ve made the post public, so please feel free to share it if you want to. Read More »

7. Other survivor’s stories 2010-13

From another two former MFJ members, whose stories are published anonymously for safety. Contact us at mfj-ril-truth@protonmail.com


I first came into contact with MfJ at UK Black Pride in the summer of 2010, after completing my undergraduate degree. I was 22 at the time. They had a stall with leaflets and the first person I spoke with was a 1995 recruit. I was impressed by what they had to say about racism and homophobia and I stayed in touch with the group (or they stayed in touch with me) and I began attending the Sunday meetings they held at the YMCA in Tottenham Court Road. MfJ seemed very small at the time, made up mainly of RIL members and a few asylum seekers they had come across at Pride events.

MfJ had regular Sunday meetings which had two distinct parts: In the first part we were encouraged to relate our personal experiences of ‘struggle’ to the book The narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass. Many of those present were LGBT asylum seekers and so had to prepare for their asylum cases. MfJ leadership often stated that reading the book was preparation for writing one’s own narrative of personal struggle, i.e. a personal statement. We read the Narrative very very slowly and in a lot of detail, and people were always encouraged to speak about personal experiences, and they would. These were often very personal and traumatic experiences, discussed in a room of relative strangers and included accounts of being raped/beaten or watching a gay partner being killed or of being held in detention. This put us all in a highly vulnerable psychological state, making us more vulnerable to suggestion.
Read More »

5. Details and examples of RIL’s malpractice in migrant activism

I am one of the token migrants Revolutionary Internationalist League (a trotsky-marxist group secretly running Movement for Justice, see earlier posts) tried to recruit. The other EU migrant was made full member the day I was appointed ‘an apprentice’ despite not completing the obligatory indoctrination ‘study programme’ of Trotsky’s book and a long document from 1980s, by undisclosed author (with suggestion the RIL theorist was the co-writer) on ‘special opression’.

I was told RIL is happy to have me as it significantly boosts their ‘average age’, and the fact we are both migrants from Europe is important.Read More »

4. The plain truth about RIL/MFJ and the sexist cult practices

Movement for Justice is NOT what it has led you to believe it is. It is a front, recruitment ground and puppet movement for an authoritarian marxist-trotskyist group called Revolutionary Internationalist League. It is ran by a white English trotskyist man in his seventies and his small British-born cultish group of 40-50year olds with two token migrants, out if which only one is a full member. The man writes ALL leaflets, statements and pamphlets of MFJ and makes political strategic decisions for MFJ. Not many people know his actual role even if they have met him, and the true stucture of MFJ is kept away from people.

I am a young migrant with history of severe abuse, and I have been manipulated by this group and almost recruited fully to the RIL as a token ‘young&migrant’ member Read More »

3. What happened when I disclosed abuse in MFJ/RIL

Since the release of this blog my personal facebook account has been reported by RIL. They know it is me who is the person disclosing abuse and they know what they’ve done. They know my username on facebook. RIL also knows in depth the history of my estranged family’s abuse towards me, and that I have been in hiding from them in my new life in UK. They also know that my estranged family has been stalking me for years, and recently did find me on social media, Read More »

2. The abuse of power in MFJ & RIL

During my ‘political development’ since the RIL programme ‘for leaders’ I have also heard and seen disturbing things about how the organisation operates and treats its migrant and young members, as the masks started to slip and the RIL believed they ‘had me’ and I was like them. What they failed to realise that I was dependant on support due to my abuse, isolation, poverty and mental health recovery from an abusive family and assault. This also meant indoctrination didnt work fully on me as I couldn’t focus on compulsory Trotsky readings in complex language, and anyway the correct readings of the studies were always translated to you by the study group leader for ‘correct understanding’.

The RIL has revealed to me they take orders from another top members in USA ‘sister organisation’ RWL and their fromt BAMN (google them if you dare, it is severely disturbing) for most of the movement strategies. Read More »

1. The truth about MFJ and RIL

The truth about Movement for Justice by any means necessary (the front ‘movement’) & Revolutionary Internationalist League (a trotskyist-marxist political cult which runs it)

MFJ is not what it has led everyone to believe it is. It is a front, a recruitment ground and puppet movement for an authoritarian marxist-trotskyist group called Revolutionary Internationalist League (RIL). It is ran by a white English trotskyist man in his 70s, and his small cultish team of British-born 40-50year-olds and some token migrants (out of which one is not even a full member).

The RIL theorist old man writes ALL leaflets, statements and pamphlets of MFJ and makes political strategic decisions for MFJ. Migrants, asylym seekers and youth are ‘consulted’ during Sunday meetings, but make no strategy decisions nor can shape the political statements that are being published. They can agree on things like ‘layout of the leaflet’ or ‘how can we build this week for the action that has been decided’.

MFJ operates as a recruitment and grooming ground to recruit people to the RIL for a ‘revolution’. MFJ seeks out most marginalised, vulnerable, desperate migrants and youth and uses them for ‘building the movement’. The migrants are often called only to bring them to the demonstrations, and if they speak the RIL members check and sometimes write their speeches – citing concern for ‘correct political message’.

Not many people even know his actual role even if they have met him, and the true structure of MFJ is kept away from people. MFJ is not migrant & youth-led. It is not a grassroot  movement, but a deceptive political project of a cultish trotskyist group.  It is also getting orders from its sister organisation front By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) ran by a secret group Revolutionary Workers League (RWL) – google if you dare, the testimonies and accusations of being a cult.

MFJ has led everyone to believe something opposite to truth, and you only find out the true extent of control and connections if you are ‘trusted’ and spend a lot of your personal time on working with MFJ. As MFJ tagline goes – ‘truth is the motor power of progress’. Therefore the truth about MFJ and RIL must come out.

Proof and more information coming.
Also, follow on Twitter @unfollowMFJ.
You can email your story to mfj-ril-truth@protonmail.com.


Signed: group of former members.