2. The abuse of power in MFJ & RIL

During my ‘political development’ since the RIL programme ‘for leaders’ I have also heard and seen disturbing things about how the organisation operates and treats its migrant and young members, as the masks started to slip and the RIL believed they ‘had me’ and I was like them. What they failed to realise that I was dependant on support due to my abuse, isolation, poverty and mental health recovery from an abusive family and assault. This also meant indoctrination didnt work fully on me as I couldn’t focus on compulsory Trotsky readings in complex language, and anyway the correct readings of the studies were always translated to you by the study group leader for ‘correct understanding’.

The RIL has revealed to me they take orders from another top members in USA ‘sister organisation’ RWL and their fromt BAMN (google them if you dare, it is severely disturbing) for most of the movement strategies. 

They have treated asylum seekers with mental and physical illness awfully or with neglect, only helping if it is ‘politically important’ because ‘they are not a charity’. Aside from a few court cases and making members feel powerful on demonstrations with an ever-inserting banner, as well as claiming own role and ‘victory of the movement’ for any development around immigration, I have found there are little tangible effects in the lives of migrants they claim to represent.

The obscured from public or even MFJ members financial accounts reveal the state of deception and real priorities of the group – to fundraise for self and to recruit to RIL.
They have completely misled the public as to what their real politics, structure, values and operations are.

After a year of being ‘trained’ by the RIL and learning about ‘correct politics’, during which I was encouraged to cut off my family, most of my friends ‘outside’ and sometimes within the MFJ, even my therapist (because ‘shes a part of the borgeois society, shes a liberal and will never fight with you for what you really need to do’), I was then psychologically abused for deciding to begin having a personal life again and having romantic feelings for someone I met through MFJ, without consulting RIL first so they could permit me and/or give conditions.
After I had a conversation with that person about our romantic feelings, I disclosed to the RIL I am more than friends with someone and would like some help in navigating the political work. I was then led to believe, by initial responses of fake acceptance (and one exposing comment of ‘this was a mistake you talked to them first, you should have talked to RIL before, I’ll have something to say about it in the meeting’) that I would have a private conversation to help me navigate politics and personal life, but instead was put in a room and subjected to disciplinary ‘intervention’ where all my past trauma was weaponised against me, I was gaslit, accused of action that ‘anywhere else would be a gross misconduct and I would be fired’, I was likened to my own abusers and teachers who sleep with students, my personal and sexual life was interrogated. After two hours of this ‘intervention’ I was exhausted from crying and reassuring them of my commitment to the politics.

I stood my ground about the right to a personal life between two consenting adults, insisted this meeting is wrong and all the RIL knows is that ‘there are romantic feelings’ so how I am being told abusing someone or sleeping with them, but to no avail. When the RIL ‘leaders’ were done shaming and tormenting me, then turning into sweet understanding mode yet telling me they think I should break up with that person and they will help me put a plan together so it ‘doesnt destroy the politics’, I was then allowed to leave the room.

People who I thought were my friends betrayed me and my trust in most abusive disgusting way I have never seen before, because I ‘disobeyed’ their rules. After the meeting I received a call, not to check on my wellbeing, but to say ‘I know youre angry with the RIL but please make sure you dont speak badly about us to the other person’. The person they claimed I abused for having mutual feelings with was not once contacted by the RIL to talk about the supposed concern. They were only contacted to ‘build a movement’ actions and this whole ‘intervention’ was never mentioned to them. In person, there was pretending nothing has happened.

All this left me in an awful psychological and emotional distress, in shock, and a feeling I have no one to talk to because MFJ was a group that I used to turn to for support.

I then in desperation disclosed to a close friend who was shocked and outraged, shared with me their concerns they had kept quiet before (for the same reasons of feeling ‘inexperienced’), and that’s how we started researching the group deeply and found all other disturbing accounts, from UK and USA.

And now Im out speaking the truth and expecting even more abuse to come my way. But I have friends in the MFJ and they deserve to know the truth.


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