1. The truth about MFJ and RIL

The truth about Movement for Justice by any means necessary (the front ‘movement’) & Revolutionary Internationalist League (a trotskyist-marxist political cult which runs it)

MFJ is not what it has led everyone to believe it is. It is a front, a recruitment ground and puppet movement for an authoritarian marxist-trotskyist group called Revolutionary Internationalist League (RIL). It is ran by a white English trotskyist man in his 70s, and his small cultish team of British-born 40-50year-olds and some token migrants (out of which one is not even a full member).

The RIL theorist old man writes ALL leaflets, statements and pamphlets of MFJ and makes political strategic decisions for MFJ. Migrants, asylym seekers and youth are ‘consulted’ during Sunday meetings, but make no strategy decisions nor can shape the political statements that are being published. They can agree on things like ‘layout of the leaflet’ or ‘how can we build this week for the action that has been decided’.

MFJ operates as a recruitment and grooming ground to recruit people to the RIL for a ‘revolution’. MFJ seeks out most marginalised, vulnerable, desperate migrants and youth and uses them for ‘building the movement’. The migrants are often called only to bring them to the demonstrations, and if they speak the RIL members check and sometimes write their speeches – citing concern for ‘correct political message’.

Not many people even know his actual role even if they have met him, and the true structure of MFJ is kept away from people. MFJ is not migrant & youth-led. It is not a grassroot  movement, but a deceptive political project of a cultish trotskyist group.  It is also getting orders from its sister organisation front By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) ran by a secret group Revolutionary Workers League (RWL) – google if you dare, the testimonies and accusations of being a cult.

MFJ has led everyone to believe something opposite to truth, and you only find out the true extent of control and connections if you are ‘trusted’ and spend a lot of your personal time on working with MFJ. As MFJ tagline goes – ‘truth is the motor power of progress’. Therefore the truth about MFJ and RIL must come out.

Proof and more information coming.
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Signed: group of former members.