4. The plain truth about RIL/MFJ and the sexist cult practices

Movement for Justice is NOT what it has led you to believe it is. It is a front, recruitment ground and puppet movement for an authoritarian marxist-trotskyist group called Revolutionary Internationalist League. It is ran by a white English trotskyist man in his seventies and his small British-born cultish group of 40-50year olds with two token migrants, out if which only one is a full member. The man writes ALL leaflets, statements and pamphlets of MFJ and makes political strategic decisions for MFJ. Not many people know his actual role even if they have met him, and the true stucture of MFJ is kept away from people.

I am a young migrant with history of severe abuse, and I have been manipulated by this group and almost recruited fully to the RIL as a token ‘young&migrant’ member  (full political indictrination programme was skipped with me, because they needed my social skills fast due to dimnishing members), and subsequently emotionally and psychologically manipulated and abused, and financially entrapped. My personal details have been used without my knowledge and consent, including my bank details. Details of my past abuse have been weaponised against me for manipulation and coercion. My fear for immigration difficulties after Brexit were exploited to tie me to the group and its politics.

I was then subjected to psychologically torturous disciplinary ‘intervention’ for developing mutual romatic feelings with another MFJ member, and all my abuse and trauma was weaponised against me to force me to break up. For details and further abuse that followed see posts below.

And this is when I left.

After what I was subjected to I realised everything I used to brush off as ‘not sure, but the RIL seems to know what theyre doing and Im inexperienced and people seem to be ok with lots of weird stuff’ came back to me in a very different light. I realised I have been manipulated into trusting people who have no accountability to anyone they claim to represent, and who lie to their own members and the public about what is really going on or is consented to by the members.

The truth about this deceptive awful group that preys on marginalised and vulnerable people claiming to ‘fight for justice’ must come out. As they say in their leaflet, ‘truth is the motor of progress’ and we must always ‘speak the plain truth’. I am applying that maxim to the RIL, perhaps for the first time.

This is the truth:

‘Movement for Justice by any means necessary’ is a front organisation to recruit vulnerable and marginalised people, like black, Asian, Muslim and migrant youth, as well as asylum seekers and refugees, and students with mental health issues or history of abuse – recruit them to a secretly-in-charge covered in various layers of secrecy sectarian organisation that follows a strict marxist-trotskyist doctrine. It’s called Revolutionary Internationalist League – it’s a political ‘cult’ that preys on vulnerable people in desperate situations (such as fear of deportation, psychological difficulties, history of trauma, not speaking English well, mental illness, isolation), tries to recruit them to RIL, brainwashes and exhausts its members, and coerces them to abandon any personal life to ‘the revolution’, often using very personal information about them such as details of abuse survived, legal case details, mental illness and its triggers to exercise control and authority in telling people what to do.

RIL operates entirely on grooming principles – only attacking and coercing MFJ and RIL members when enough loyalty and hooks trough ‘help’ and ‘making friends’ and ‘supporting’ have been established. It relies on controlling information in the tight self-appointed leadership group, and on fear and people’s lack of confidence in political work to extract loyalty and influence. It relies on secrecy, breeding abuse. The very thing RIL says about the Home Office abuse.

The RIL is who makes ALL political decisions (including which asylum case to even take on, whose court case to show up to, and under what conditions the case is helped for the asylum seeker/migrant) and writes ALL the leaflets and texts, which are then read out and ‘argued’ in long lectures to the members who sometimes can take a symbolic vote if they agree with a particular aspect of it (such us ‘do we do a video’, or ‘is this colour/layout nice for the leaflet’) but NEVER the political perspective or strategy itself. The MFJ meetings have strict hierarchy and control, agenda is put forward by a RIL member and asked if agreed, MFJ members can add to ‘AOB’ section if they find confidence to speak or raise anything.

Sometimes objections or comments are made on the leaflets we study (written by the retired RIL theorist), but mostly they are argued down by the chairing RIL member and any RIL members present. People quickly learn not so speak much, which somehow frustrates the RIL chair.

No graded language is ever used or context foreign to many migrants/asylum seekers explained, (ie. knowledge of Labour and parliamentary system is never really checked or explained, yet members are supposed to agree with strategy on Labour and convince others to join), the leaflets are very long but the usual silence after ‘Any questions?’ is assumed as understanding and agreement. In reality, after a few objections everybody learns they will get a lecture if they disagree, so most several-hours-long meetings are very quiet and RIL chair(s) speak most of the time. The RIL theorist, the old man, if shows up speaks uninterrupted for 30min-2 hours, so can the usual chair. MFJ members speak sometimes, and are not interrupted, but are always ‘corrected’ or ‘won over to the argument’ by RIL members if the MFJ member criticises or questions the political strategy. See next post above for more details.

This year we have mostly done studies on the RIL theorist’s leaflets and pages-long pamphlets, calling it ‘MFJ perspective’. None of the contents were consulted with any MFJ migrant members, ever. They are drafted by RIL theorist and sometimes changed by another long-term RIL member.

Most MFJ members dont know the actual structure of MFJ&RIL nor who writes the texts or makes decisions on actions. Neither does the public. It is often thought MFJ is ran and led by migrants and it is a collective. Pictures in media and leaflets are usually of people who came a demo once, but visually match the ‘migrants at the forefront’ posturing. The official chair of MFJ is misrepresenting to the public the image and reality of who the real strategist behind the movement is – or are.

You will only find out about RIL’s existance if you physically attend the Sun meeting and the RIL members disclose the name of the group. However, nothing about the group is explained – who this group is, how it’s structured, what is its relation to MFJ, how you join, who runs it, how it’s connected to RWL and BAMN in United States, how to join, how to leave, what are the rules, etc etc. It is expected if you want to know more you will come up and ask, somehow.

You will find nothing on RIL on MFJ leaflets, pages or in ANY media interviews RIL members and MFJ members do.

Who does speeches in public is controlled and many asylum seekers are contacted just to perform ‘representation’ on demonstrations; key ‘trained’ or ‘ready’ asylum seekers or migrants are rarely invited to panels but ALWAYS with at least one RIL member present. Generally RIL requires at least one member present at any serious MFJ action or intervetion or it is not going ahead. You will notice it’s always the same few people present, ‘leading’ with multiple asylum seekers&migrants on megaphones and sometimes doing speeches. Asylum seekers on their own rarely make an MFJ ‘intervention’, yet RIL members very often ‘represent’ whole MFJ, without consulting anyone else about participation or content, in various meetings, panels, etc. They have assumed superiority and right to do so.

The MFJ strategy, such as what is the political perspective, what actions are being taken like demonstrations or political ‘interventions’, panels, public statements (ANYTHING that is not a local meeting to do a ‘build up’) – is decided by the trotskyist RIL group in separate meetings to any MFJ migrants, asylum seekers and members. These decisions are then presented to the MFJ members during Sunday meetings. If you have ever attended a Sunday meeting you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

At the same time the organisation, essentially led by an English trotskyist retired teacher, calls itself migrant and youth led and uses this credit to recruit more and exert political influence in the Left in Britain.


RIL operates as a cult, with a hivemind, no privacy and no boundaries. Asking for consent is looked down on or ridiculed as ‘liberal’, passwords to emails and personal accounts as well as keys to houses are shared between members who enter homes without asking first.

Most shockingly, RIL discloses personal confidential and sensitive information about MFJ members to all RIL members. You tell something to one RIL person and all of them know – without your consent, or knowledge. The person who led the abusive intervention with me told me she ‘has no such moral concerns’ when I raised it as a serious concern that I know about other members’ assaults and asylum case details without their consent. The argument was ‘I know RIL members would never show to that person that they know’. My personal history of assault was disclosed without my permission to other RIL members, which I found out by giving permission for that later. I heard ‘Oh, I’ve already told that RIL member’.

You never knew within RIL who was telling whom what and where the real command was. There was little transparency or group communication, people mostly called one on one and then spent hours giving reports again at secret RIL meetings MFJ members are not informed about (neither date, time, content or decision process etc). Exhausting the members is another cultish tactic. While women in RIL ran around nearly every day after work, 7 days a week, the men either didn’t show up much or stayed at home writing ‘MFJ’ leaflets or attending to their family and personal life, which women were denied.

Perhaps this is why sexism was only given a lip service in chants, and why I was being told I don’t need feminism but only Marxism. Marxism was given as cure to everything – from family abuse, through trauma, to personal relationship difficulties and speaking to people in groups.

If you google MFJs proudly proclaimed ‘sister organisation’ – BAMN, you will find its a front for the RIL’s sister secret trotskyist group – RWL, Revolutionary Workers League.

The secret RIL group gets its orders and consultations from RWL – and this is also where some of your money donated to MFJ needlessly goes (ie. £211 on ‘calls to the USA’ in the age of Skype, according to MFJ accounts). Not asylum seekers, whose legal cases have mostly been abandoned this year to ‘not distract from revolutionary politics’ (the most MFJ will do is gather a few people at the court for support, which is what friends of asylum seekers do anyway).
Not supporting migrants.
More on how RIL have been unsupportive to asylum seeker cases from what I’ve witnessed in the next post above.

I have heard RIL members of dropping asylum seekers cases or financial support because ‘they are not fighting to win/for themselves/for their political development’ – meaning the RIL can’t control them sufficiently, and has no use for them to ‘build a movement’ and they became just a cost. This also happened to one case of a deported asylum seeker. This person was recently told to ‘get independent’ when being supported for a while after deportation. Instead of collaborating or sharing the financial support with other groups, RIL decided to ‘be sharp with her’. I don’t know if she’s receiving any financial support anymore at all or what has happened to her. Updates on these decisions or asylum cases are not discussed with MFJ members.

Messages on facebook to MFJ about deportations, depression, seeking help etc have not been responded to for weeks. Yet, messages about money donations or Yarls Wood coaches get replies. You may have noticed that MFJ does not collaborate with groups that actually do in-community anti-raids support or block deportation charter flights, other than invite them to demos or to help MFJ ‘build up’. The very actions RIL asks of people in their leaflets, mobilising within the community, has no interest to them in daily action if they cannot recruit.

When it comes to tangible effects of what RIL has done, beyond several court cases they managed to support, is making people feel powerful at demos, and not alone. This is extremely emotionally powerful way of building loyalty, as migrants and people with mental health illness often feel disempowered, isolated and not belonging.  Yet the cost of meeting these needs through MFJ/RIL is entanglement in a highly controlled, abusive environment, with progressively more and more control and fear used to exercise power and exploit the human responses to suffering of vulnerable people.

And this is why RIL is desperately trying to shut me down, and to control the information that the remaining MFJ members are receiving, and staying silent as they are figuring out the ‘right tone’ to release a statement in. No doubt the accusations from my ‘intervention’ will be re-used, in a more manipulative faux-soft language I’ve heard so  many times when my boundaries were being slowly eroded. The person I supposedly “abused” – by having mutual romantic feelings for them – was not once contacted about this situation, not once asked if they were ok. The fake concern was just another tool to make sure the only close attachments are ever made to the RIL. Some RIL members are proud of having cut off all their friends and not being interested in romantic relationships or having a family (the RIL theorist, of course, enjoys a full family life and holidays).

RIL running MFJ is deceptive, controlling and not a safe environment for any migrants, any youth, any vulnerable or marginalised person. And this is why the truth had to come out.


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