10. Testimonies about recent disclosure – E.


After everything coming out about MFJ, I am making a short statement about my experience and why I am no longer associated with them.

You can read more details on this site: https://unfollowmfj.wordpress.com and this Twitter account @unfollowMJF.

Trigger warning for brief mentions of abuse, torture, rape and gaslighting.

First of all, I have never imagined I would have to leave MFJ under these circumstances and I’m deeply saddened by all of this mess.

The person that disclosed the whole story on the blog is a close friend. MFJ/RIL leaders are launching a smear campaign against them and are trying to discredit them using their knowledge of their personal history of abuse.
We both moved in the MFJ/RIL house in September.

For people thinking we are trying to sabotage Yarl’s Wood demo coming up next month by publishing the truth now, the reality is we just waited until we were all out of the house for safety reasons.

MFJ (which in fact is just run by 5 members of the Revolutionary Internationalist League, the main leader being a 70-year-old British white male -so much for a ‘youth and migrant led’ movement) clearly set it up following the examples of the BAMN houses in the US where they use them to control their members and there are countless stories about people being locked up there and watched 24/7 by other members acting as guards.

A bit of background, I joined the organisation in February after attending a Brixton march and decided to fully join after their conference shortly after. As a young migrant person of colour, I thought I found a real organisation that fought for the causes I was passionate about.

MFJ is in fact a front for RIL, a Trotskyist cult using migrants and people’s despair (how they used the tragedy of Grenfell fire and then completely dropped it) as a tool for their agenda.

RIL leaders have no sense of boundaries and have disclosed traumatic rape and torture stories of asylum seekers and members without permission and will happily use people’s history of trauma as a weapon of control in the most disgusting way.

When my friend left the MFJ house, they harassed her everyday to try to lure them back in the movement despite them asking to have some time off after they set up an intervention to force her to break off a relationship.

They tried to enter the house without our permission. They moved someone in without asking me as a way to keep an eye on my friend and I. They interrogated me about my friend’s whereabouts the day before we planned our escape. Now they’re desperate to discredit the truth using everything they can and all the personal information they collected over the years.

Since it all came out on Thursday, we are submerged by testimonials of people witnessing MFJ cultish practices. ”
They can’t silence us.


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