13. The request from the person disclosing abuse in October ’17

The survivor does not wish for anyone to engage in ‘accountability meetings’ on their behalf with RIL members or MFJ. Especially when they are not present in the room. 

The RIL leadership has made it clear where they stand on abuse. Denial, riling up MFJ members against those who left, rumours, smear campaign, vile and brutal messages to MFJ chat group that continued for weeks, silencing, ereasure, manipulation, rejection of any accountability or wrong-doing, continuous weaponising of people’s traumas and identities, attempts to out the person who had disclosed to their estranged abusive family, attempt to drag friends of person who had disclosed to harass them and force contact. Additionaly, RIL member who led the abusive ‘intervention’ in October expressed a wish to ‘punch’ the person who had disclosed, after holding a 7hr meeting on said disclosure, where MFJ members were required to switch their phones off and put them on the table because ‘there is a mole’. 

The person RIL claims was ‘abused’ by having mutual romantic feelings with the person who disclosed abuse, has not once been contacted by anyone from RIL/MFJ since even before the disclosure. There have been however rumours spread about them, in attempts to rile people up against the person who had disclosed abuse. This person is a British adult. The person disclosing abuse is a migrant adult with history of abuse, estranged from all family, who was unemployed at the time and living in RIL house.
Manipulations and twisting the truth to achieve the goal of control – this was all done by RIL or with RIL’s encouragement. There is also a confidential letter sent out by RIL/MFJ chair to selected groups, in continuation of the smear-campaign against the person who had disclosed abuse, further deny any accusations, encourage more rumours and request these activists groups to keep quiet on the matter. Abuse relies on secrecy and triangulation.

Divide and rule, the ‘good victim trope’ protecting abusers, silencing and ereasure, discrediting and by-default-not-believing the migrant person disclosing – all tactics RIL claims to oppose when Home Office uses it, but weaponise it for own agenda and as punishment. I wonder what the remaining MFJ members are thinking will happen to them if they ever disobey RIL. This group has no place in migrants’ rights activism and is not safe for migrants to be involved with.

This is not a mishap, a mistake, a badly handled situation, a one-off issue that can be rectified. If you read the former members’ statements it becomes starkly clear – this abuse and behaviour is at the core of how RIL/MFJ runs. It is a cult. There is no negotiation with a cult, especially one that denies any responsibility or wrong-doing at all, when given a chance. They have been doing this for years and they feel above any morals, boundaries, rules or laws. Please see the 2010-13 survivors stories here: https://unfollowmfj.wordpress.com/2017/11/04/7-other-survivors-stories/

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