16. Support statements from human rights activist groups

Many individuals, groups and organisations have reached out with determination to stand against abuse, assuring us of believing the truth and cutting ties with Movement for Justice/Revolutionary Internationalist League. Migrants rights activism is dealing with vulnerable people often in desperate sitations, often with history of abuse, threats, displacement, estrangement from loved ones, and other difficult experiences. No matter where you come from, you should be safe from manipulations, abuse, lies, coerction and threats when you seek help or want to fight for your rights. No cult group should be able to abuse and exploit people for their own profits, hiding behind ‘activism’.

Here are some of the public statements on abuse in MFJ made by organisations that fight for human rights, including migrant rights: [click to open]

CUSU Women’s Campaign

Detained Voices

Detained Voices facilitation collective Statement concerning accounts of abuse in Movement for Justice

Docs Not Cops

End Deportations

Feminist Action Brum

Sisters Uncut

Sisters Uncut Birmingham

SOAS Detainee Support

SOAS Justice For Workers – End Outsourcing

Unis Resist Border Controls

Posted by Unis Resist Border Controls on Friday, November 17, 2017


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