17. What happened since we disclosed abuse

Since the exposure of the true nature, structure and priorities of the group “Movement for Justice by any means necessary”, front of a trotsky cult Revolutionary Internationalist League and its British & USA white man actual leadership, numerous things have happened. Ugly and abusive things.

Those of us who left and made testimonies were attacked, harassed, intimidated, threatened, there were attempts to silence us, to run a smear camapaign, to discredit the forthcomers who spoke the truth. Those who did not leave were presented a horrific scenario of being on the receiving end of RIL’s panicking wrath and some MFJ members’ retailiation against speaking truth, should people ever go against RIL.

You can recognise the group’s true nature by how it handles serious revelations about abuse and misconduct.

Here is a list of examples of what RIL/MFJ have done to the person(s) disclosing abuse:

1. immediately blocked M (the person who was abused in a special “intervention” meeting by RIL and started this blog) from all chat groups they were a part of, to control what information is passed on to other MFJ members

2. M’s fb profile was reported as fake, forcing them to either stop using facebook (&lose access to support network) or use it under full name, which RIL knew was not being used to hide from abusive biological family that had been stalking M for years, last time merely weeks before the disclosure. This was fortunately permanently resolved with fb but caused massive distress.

3. RIL chairwoman AB sent a ‘confidential’ letter to migrants rights organisations in London in attempts to discredit the survivors, particularly M., and presenting false information about safety policy (that no one has ever seen) and supposed concerns and safeguarding

4. The person who was supposedly the cause for all the concern and ‘intervention’ for ‘safeguarding’ is a grown adult, British born, and was not ONCE contacted by anyone from RIL or MFJ since the information about the romantic relationship with M – even before the abuse and disclosure.

5. Instead, rumours were actively spread, and publicly approved in comments online, that M has started a sexual, exploitative relationship with a refugee youth.

6. Days of abusive ganging up on people followed on the MFJ group chat, with calling those disclosing abuse selfish, mentally ill, disturbed, racist, stupid, insignificant, not being xyz enough to count, too white for their support to count, that MFJ was better without them, etc. Young and v new member who is a minor was encouraged in his messages by RIL members when using phrases like ‘everyone who leaves MFJ is a betrayer’ and ‘they will pay’. Many members were not even aware it was a young person speaking (and no one raised the phrasing as a concern), as numbers and commnication was not exchanged well in MFJ and people were relating to RIL personally, in relative separation from other members (classic cult structure building of dependence and loyalty to its leaders foremost). KD threatened physical violence towards M.

7.Various MFJ group members were getting scaremongering messages from RIL, to make them fear of what will happen to them and their cases if MFJ ‘doesnt look good’, to further discourage any speaking out or ‘disloyalty’. MFJ members were also told that M’s and others’ disclosure have cost MFJ ‘thousands of pounds’. The truth is that because of the abuse MFJ lost the ability to obtain references for a grant they felt entitled to. Not to mention they repeatedly smeared the groups they had taken money and references from at MFJ meetings and in private.

8. Online comments were made in violent and abusive ways on posts of survivors, encouraged and riled up by RIL. RIL employed v new members as well as old members to ‘vouch’ for them. Neither of these members would have had insight into the workings of London-based RIL and were not a part of it or the ‘training’ or operations.
“Abusers groom their character witnesses just as carefully as their victims”.

9. A 7hr emergency meeting of a disturbing and cult nature was mandated for a Sunday, where members were:
– asked to switch off and put their phones on the table where everyone could see them, to further isolate the group from outside intervention, create an atmosphere of fear, us-vs-them and make everyone a suspect
– made to read the full blog and being told by RIL members what to believe with no option of direct contact with any ex-members; further indoctrination
– riled up to go around the room and verbally scapegoat M and other ex-members, calling them names; picking a ‘common enemy’ to unite against when threatened and deflect from own abuse
– expected to go in a circle and tell everyone why they need MFJ and what MFJ has done for them, reinforcing loyalty and peer pressure to squish any disobedience (this and the above section of the meeting took the longest part of the 7hrs)
– made to chant ‘Long live MFJ!’; reinforcing loyalty and group pressure
– presented a several pages long ready document (writen by TG, the RIL theorist) in which RIL members presented a false version of events, even admitted to some of the (abusive) behaviour, although claiming no abuse or responsibility – MFJ members were asked if they agree with it or not only (no edits or discussion), so it can be ‘signed as MFJ’ – after 7hrs of exhaustion and intensified peer pressure
The document was not released: without any consultation RIL decided to just go with the full-denial line on the next day.

10. RIL woman KD (who led the abusive intervention) produced brand new, simplified financial ‘reports’ to prove to MFJ members that the money is accountable. It did not include the breakdown of expenses (which would have showed hundreds of pounds on phonecalls to USA or taxis for RIL members, for example) nor was ever available before, nor any financial decisions consultations was offered or suggested – it is only up to RIL to decide on all the money income and outcome. The accounts are not public, and stated over £40k in RIL’s hands.

11. Made-up ‘safeguarding policies’ were created and apparently shown to some MFJ members. None of the MFJ survivors have ever seen or heard of ANY MFJ policies, let alone safeguarding ones, during the time with the group, which spans over 7 years. All of this had only one aim: to discredit the revelations about abuse.

12. After RIL regained access to the fb page and removed M as admin, they attempted to remove, silence and erase any information about what has happened.
Next, they released a smear campaign post, outing the survivor’s name, accusing them of theft and other misconduct. They proceeded to delete any comment that disagreed with them or questioned their behaviour, however balanced in tone. The bully only has one answer to any accountability attempts – steamroll through and force silence what they can.
When challenged by a former MFJ members who left the MFJ house, RIL women AB and KD fully presented their actual views: that the survivor(s) was not black enough, didn’t attend enough, didn’t count, and was not under under any threat as an EU migrant, is pretending to be a victim, and that everyone who supports the disclosure is ‘attacking from the right’ and somehow racist. The question of how did the group campaign on Brexit as ‘biggest threat to migrants’ for the previous year if EU migrants are ‘racist’ for speaking out about their abuse because ‘their status is safe’ there was no response. There were other xenophobic or racist comments from KD, a white woman in RIL, to people commenting against MFJ’s post, attacking POC commenters.
The post was reported as abusive and harrassment, and subsequently taken down, yet the outing of the survivor and violent messages left underneath had its impact – on the survivors, and as a warning to MFJ members of what will happen to you if you ever go against RIL.

13. As other members started leaving and posting their reasons, questions or goodbyes to the MFJ groupchat, each time they were met with RIL’s attempts to discredit them and attack them. The leaving members were too young, too new, too white, not black enough, not migrant enough, not involved enough, stupid, too privileged, gossiping, had no idea what they were talking about, simply lying etc. None of the concerns, complaints or questions ever got addressed. The group chat was either silent or full of abusing those who were leaving, whether they were disclosing abuse, stating they believe the survivors disclosure, or simply disagreeing with how the situation was being handled. There was no scope for any disobedience without being attacked or losing support of the RIL (who of course held all the cases information and support as leverage).

13. A separate chat for the ‘real MFJ members’ was set up, to prevent any disloyalty to what RIL demands MFJ members to think, do, say and believe. To be added people had to be personally tested/approved by RIL.

14. Fake social media accounts were used to spy on M social media presence. Some of them were from USA sister group BAMN, front for RWL. You can read the testimonies of abuse, kidnapping and violations from BAMN survivors in the links.

15. RIL has also spread the lie that M and other survivors ‘stole’ contacts or access to social media, calling it ‘hijacking’ and ‘theft’. The truth is, M was a trusted member and RIL ‘trainee’, and was gladly given access to all social media accounts of MFJ, as well as contacts. When ambushed in own house by RIL’s KD, M knew immediately that they had to keep access to the network of contacts for safety and warning of others, and kept a copy of the contacts emails. They were used only once, to communicate a platform of this blog and twitter, that could not be removed or blocked by RIL, to prevent silencing and cover-up.

16. RIL has decided to rebrand MFJ back to ‘centering asylum work’ and caring for the ‘freedom fighters’, and abandon the ‘student movement’ or ‘biggest threat’ Brexit focus. It bears repeating that during our time at MFJ RIL repeatedly forgot court dates, casework, didn’t want to engage with members’ cases because they are ‘not MFJ enough’ (ie attend other groups, dont come to 6hr Sunday meetings regularly, don’t leaflet at demos etc), have a difficult accent, were ‘not fighting enough for themselves’; members were discouraged from socialising together and having other loyalties or support persons than to RIL. RIL uses asylum seekers, and particualrly black members, as entrance to the migrants organising and shield from criticism or accountability, but aside from several loyalty-extracting help they never centred, prioritised or cared for their members beyond what they could do for ‘building the movement’. They didn’t even have people’s contact details to check if Home Office had taken them when they stopped coming. More on this in posts 2, 4 & 5 on this blog, and in testimonies posts.

17. When some of London-linked groups dealing with human rights including migrants rights, organised a meeting to discuss how to proceed with November Yarls Wood demonstration in light of the abuse and misconduct disclosure, RIL riled up several MFJ members to show up and invade the meeting. RIL/MFJ members first leafletted everyone outside, then stormed the room and attempted to block the meeting from happening, refusing to leave and shouting abuse at everyone. They also particularly targeted some of the former MFJ members who attended the meeting. It had to be stopped and moved to another secret location to avoid further attacks. It successfully continued, but people were shaken, specifically former members. This was also a display to MFJ members who came about what will be done to them if they ever decide to go against RIL.

18. Former MFJ member whose testimony is in this blog under NC was also targeted and harassed and threatened at Morton Hall demonstration in January this year. They remain active in organising against abuse, but should have never be exposed to attacks of RIL bullies.

19. In the span of last 6 months since the disclosure neither M nor other ex-members have been contacted by RIL memebers EVEN ONCE to acknowledge or resolve any of the situation. The cult is never wrong..

M and the other MFJ member who lived in the ‘MFJ house’ with RIL member AP are still homeless, rebuilding their lives. Some ex-members have lost their jobs due to mental health impact or disclosure of cult practices and employer’s prejudice; some have moved away to recover; some have had relapses in mental health illness; some have withdrew from activism – most have been pushed out by MFJ’s bullying and need more support from other activists to return.

But we want one thing to be clear, no matter how vulnerable, traumatised or hurt we were before MFJ preyed on us, or during our time with them, or how difficult it has been afterwards – we are also strong as hell and will not give up and we will never let these events be erased or sidelined. We were not warned, and this will never happen again.

RIL/MFJ sick cult ends here.

And we are asking all of you who believe us to stand by us, and those like us (ex-members of SWP or RCG, ex-members of religious and other cults), and those who have not been able to leave yet for whatever reason.

Do everything you can to make it safe to leave, to whistleblow, to speak the plain truth about organisations and groups we depend on in times of crisis, vulnerability or isolation.

Provide protections and real provisions for those who speak out. Solidarity is never just a feeling, it must be tangible. Do not allow for members of marginalised groups to be pitted against each other or their abuse erased in competing for support. Everyone matters.

And most importantly, fully remove the cults and bullies from our communities. Safety of people is more important than any ‘work’ posturing cults use to build defences against own demise.



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